Call for Participants : Greeneration Friend of Earth Camp 2017 Indonesia

Greeneration Friend of Earth Camp 2017

 Apply for Greeneration Friend of Earth Camp 2017 Indonesia

Deadline : February 5th 2017
Type : Fully funded (top 10 Delegates through selection stages, partially for others)
Location : Lombok, Indonesia
Organizer : Indonesia Global Network
Target Participants : Youth from Asian Countries aged 16-30 years old

Environmental issues have been growing interest of people’s concern. The rapid growth of population directly increases the demand of human basic needs while nature has its limit as some sources are not renewable. Moreover, the high technological advances also bring impacts to nature sustainability. The awareness towards this particular issue have been raised not only for government, but also academician, experts, NGOs, and even public society. We believe that an action to take care of our environment should be done by involving more elements including youth as the next generation. It is important for young people to be aware of this issue and involved in the endeavors to solve the problems.

GFE (Greeneration Friend of Earth) Camp is an event purposely organized for youths who care about the future of their environment and have intention to do a concrete effort to preserve the nature. This event will also connect them as young leaders around the world with the same passion in environmental issues and similar projects to solve environmental problems in their community. Therefore, through this event, the young leaders are expected to collaborate and exchange ideas in order to create a greater change to protect the nature and be the great friend for our earth.


50 young Greenerations from Asian countries aged 16th – 30th years old selected through 3 stages of application process.


  • Build awareness of the younger generation about the importance of clean environment for future
  • Establish communication and network among World Youth Generation having passion in environmental sector
  • Accommodate environmental issue sharing and cultural exchange for World Youth Leaders
Apply to be a part of Greeneration Friend of Earth Camp 2017 Indonesia : Apply HERE
Visit official website to get more info : Here

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